Breakup out-of property get consider present otherwise future property or both

Article 211. Liquidation of one’s sheer community should be ruled because of the Legislation away from Judge into management of property off lifeless persons.

Article 212. If the upcoming spouses consent on matrimony agreements you to their possessions connections throughout the wedding is established the device out-of complete break up off possessions, the next terms should complement the marriage settlements.

Article 213. It could be overall or partial. Regarding second case, the house or property perhaps not decideded upon due to the fact separate shall pertain to the newest conjugal connection off growth.

Post 219

Blog post 214. Per spouse will very own, discard, possess, give and luxuriate in his very own independent property, without any concur of one’s most other. All the money of any industry, team otherwise world shall at exactly the same time end up in for each and every partner.

Blog post 218. No individualized, habit or arrangement that’s harmful of your own family relations is acknowledged or offered one impression.

Common help, each other ethical and you may topic, shall be rendered certainly one of people in an identical family unit members. Judicial and you may administrative officials shall foster so it common guidance.

Post 220. In case there are doubt, all of the presumptions prefer the solidarity of your own household members. Therefore, all the intendment of law otherwise reality leans towards the the fresh new authenticity regarding relationship, the new indissolubility of your own relationship bonds, the fresh legitimacy of children, town away from property during marriage, this new authority from moms and dads more kids, additionally the validity off safety your member of the family in case of illegal aggression.

(2) Every extra-judicial contract, during relationship, towards the dissolution of your conjugal union out of increases otherwise off absolutely the community away from assets anywhere between wife and husband;

Legislation governs relatives

Blog post 222. No fit is recorded or maintained ranging from members of the brand new same family unless it has to are available one earnest perform into a beneficial compromise were made, but that same failed, susceptible to the brand new constraints in the post 2035.

Post 223. The family house is the dwelling family where a man and their friends reside, therefore the land about what it’s situated. In the event that constituted due to the fact herein given, the household household will be excused away from performance, pushed income otherwise connection, except because provided in the stuff 232 and you can 243 mГёde single Dominikanere kvinder.

Blog post 225. The household home is constituted by the a proven petition so you’re able to the fresh new Legal out-of First Eg by proprietor of the property, by acceptance thereof of the judge.

(3) Their particular mothers, ascendants, descendants, siblings, whether the matchmaking getting genuine or otherwise, that residing in the family family and you may which rely on your for support.

Blog post 228. If the petitioner is ily family is picked regarding the conjugal connection or society property, otherwise throughout the independent property of the partner, or, for the agree of your own wife, of their own paraphernal property.

(5) The newest brands and you may details of all the financial institutions of the petitioner and of the mortgagees or other individuals that have a destination from the property;

Blog post 230. Financial institutions, mortgagees and all of almost every other people that have an interest in the home is going to be informed of one’s petition, and you may considering a chance to expose the objections thereto. The petition will, also, getting blogged weekly for three consecutive months inside a good magazine out-of general circulation.

Article 231. In the event your legal finds that real property value brand new advised house does not surpass twenty thousand pesos, or thirty thousand pesos for the chartered metropolises, and this no 3rd body’s prejudiced, the new petition will be acknowledged. Is any creditor whose allege was unsecured, oppose the brand new organization of your own home, the new courtroom will give brand new petition should your debtor provides sufficient coverage with the loans.

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