She adores adorable one thing and you will shares several of their particular daughter’s kinky inclinations otherwise to another education

Rentarou’s 6th girlfriend and Hakari’s mom. She gave beginning so you’re able to Hakari whenever she is thirteen, due to which have fallen crazy about an excellent terminally unwell fellow college student. Knowing that the guy did not have long to call home, she got herself artificially inseminated together with cum so that they might possibly be a family group prior to he passed away. 1st, she disapproved regarding Hakari’s reference to Rentarou, believing that he had been a few-time their unique daughter with five almost every other girls, but altered their unique notice when she fell deeply in love with Rentarou herself, supposed as far as purchasing the college or university and you will to-be the fresh chairwoman to help you sit next to your. She can be also overbearingly affectionate so you’re able to Rentarou and his girlfriends, usually seeking to be the mommy figure on it the. Their particular given name is a pun to the Japanese keyword to have mommy, haha (?).

Haraga Kurumi [ ]

Rentarou’s 7th girlfriend. Kurumi is actually a center-schooler which have a really high k-calorie burning, that triggers their particular to find starving quite easily – also reading a phrase one to music exactly like a certain variety of of eating will cause their own so you’re able to desire one dining. Consequently, she always wears earphones and contains her hood up manageable so you’re able to block out normally restaurants-associated chat that you can. She has a couple characters, depending on even in the event she is starving. When this lady has consumed, she is an extremely type and you can nice-natured people, however when she’s starving, the woman is small-tempered and you may abrupt – unfortunately, on account of getting near usually hungry, the woman is close usually brief-tempered. Their given label mode “walnut”, a well known fact which includes caused their unique eating fixation to end in so repeatedly off hearing her own label one walnuts are in fact the one dinner she cannot instance.

Meido Mei [ ]

Rentarou’s eighth girlfriend. Mei ‘s the Hanazono relatives housemaid being located of the Hahari once she is actually mistreated and given up by their own physiological moms and dads. She is extremely dedicated so you can Hahari and can do one consult produced by Hahari undoubtedly, it doesn’t matter how ridiculous. Indeed, she gets suicidal when the she does not fulfill the task, will resulting in Hahari being required to rescind your order to eliminate their particular. Their most striking actual feature try their unique rainbow-colored irises which are usually perhaps not thought to be she typically provides their unique sight closed, (usually requiring a global shocking disclosure) even when it doesn’t end their own away from driving or piloting an effective helicopter. Their particular family relations name’s a pun for the word “Maid”.

Sutou Iku [ ]

Rentarou’s ninth girlfriend. Iku ‘s the last leftover member of the institution basketball group as almost every other users erica. She’s masochistic Katso blogini, finding pleasure in overworking herself to exhaustion and you will or even are moderately hurt. Actually being “heartbroken” from the Rentarou reasons their particular high satisfaction, in the event she will get a legitimate girlfriend to have Rentarou. A bonus tale throughout the 5th frequency demonstrates that their masochism began when she set up a passion for baseball at an early ages. First she receive doing too difficult or painful, but immediately after an encouraging pep talk out of their unique old sister, she chose to keep at it. Although not, as she is advised one to she had to keep looking to even though they damage, she came to envision problems a very important thing. Their own title in the Japanese naming buy mode “stoic”.

Utsukushisugi Mimimi [ ]

Rentarou’s tenth girlfriend. Mimimi are a beneficial girl who is obsessed with beauty, but is aware that beauty don’t only be ordered, and you can takes into account interior beauty just as essential because exterior charm. As a result, she leaves plenty of works toward while making by herself breathtaking, making her own currency, cutting can cost you no matter where she will, creating face routines, and you can practise by herself elocution. She first takes into account Nano her rival from inside the beauty, relatively due to Nano having defeated her in their junior high college or university charm competition. It’s afterwards revealed that their own hatred actually comes from Nano that have snubbed their pursuing the competition, and you will she decides to assist bygones feel bygones when Nano apologises to her, even if she insists toward keeping a friendly competition. Their particular name gets the kanji having beauty (?) three times with her provided identity actually definition “extremely breathtaking”.

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