She initiate matchmaking Sex Bob-omb’s groupie More youthful Neil, even in the event she actually is nonetheless hung up towards the Scott

The first conclude had Scott end up with Knives, that have Ramona complimenting Knives’s fixation more than him if you’re conversing with Scott regarding the dream wilderness. Eventually, Ramona simply leaves through good subspace home, and you will Blades and you can Scott keep its conventional regimen of to tackle Ninja Ninja Wave. That it approach conclude exists just like the an erased scene for the Digital video disc.

Knives was considerably powerful, just like the she actually is apparently evenly matched up having Ramona, just who “kicks all-kind out-of butt” predicated on Stephen Stills.

Games [ ]

Knives are a support profile on the game and can be used by all the letters, per due to their individual effect.

  • Whenever Scott phone calls her, she jumps into the and you may sprouts the definition of “LOVE” inside bloated affect-emails, which stuns foes temporarily.
  • When Ramona calls their, she seems when you look at the an excellent barista’s consistent holding a huge cup java, which regulates a small amount of health insurance and tends to make their unique hyper.
  • Whenever Stephen Stills (or Wallace) calls her, she looks and you will sets comically higher daggers from the opponents.
  • When Kim phone calls their particular, she looks of the kissing their unique, hence regulates health insurance and stuns regional foes (excluding robots).
  • When Nega Scott phone calls, good a dark colored variety of Blades appears and you may cuts down foes prior to jumping out of-display.

Knives premiered as an online character into the . Because an effective playable profile, the their own movements are particularly just like Kim’s (most likely a mention of how Blades was “cramping [Kim’s] style”), but she’s a chance stop therefore the capacity to toss explosive blades. Her striker are their mommy, Mrs. Chau, who will scream profanity for the Chinese at the enemies.

Endings [ ]

  • Within her end, she kisses Scott, confetti seems, and so are condition on altar to-be married. Every one of Scott’s nearest and dearest have there been to support an extremely puzzled Scott. That it a reference to a scene from the prominent Japanese manga, Dragon Ball, where Goku partnered Chi-Chi in which he is perplexed on what is taking place.
  • In Scott’s ending, she plus Jealousy and Kim try relationship Scott on exact same go out, sometime once Ramona remaining him.
  • From inside the Kim’s conclude, Kim and Knives hook-up, much with the amaze out of Scott and Stephen.
  • From inside the NegaScott’s end, Knives, Scott, Ramona, Stephen Stills, and you can Kim all are NegaScott’s slaves.

She and you will More youthful Neil later on separation, but Knives still hangs aside on the category, and by Frequency 5 got apparently install a common interest so you’re able to Stephen Stills, but not, this was shown to be not true at the conclusion of Regularity 6 towards bottom line one Stephen was relationship Joseph.

Ramona Plants [ ]

Scott breaks up the strive and you will affect blurts away which he cheated with the both collectively. If you find yourself men and women are sidetracked, Gideon kills Scott. Scott returns to help you their past “help save section” playing with their More Life and knowledge this new incidents leading upwards the battle having Gideon. This time, Scott concludes Knives regarding assaulting Ramona kone Estisk and a few go into 2-pro function and assault Gideon playing with actions off Ninja Ninja Revolution. Immediately following bringing a perfect earn and you can defeating Gideon, Nega Scott turns up. Blades and you will Ramona ready yourself to fight him, but Scott says to them which he has to deal with it himself and so they waiting external, shocked whenever Scott and you can Nega Scott log off which have plans to keeps brunch in the future. When Ramona actually starts to leave permanently, Knives convinces Scott to choose their, restating Wallace’s before comment that the woman is “also cool for you (Scott) in any event.” (on the Comics Scott states that “what Wallace said is actually genuine, you are too good for me personally (Scott)”, however, she disagrees). Knives kisses Scott to your cheek, and Scott build their latest conditions to their unique because the “ciao Knives”, a play on words out of her title.

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