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2. Statement from Policy. – It’s hereby stated the policy of the Condition to safeguard and you will ensure the personal rights of Filipino someone. To the which end, the state shall steer clear of the exploitation off Filipinos, and manage them off unlawful means, enterprises, and you can plans that offer Filipinos getting relationships to help you unscrupulous international nationals and you can expose them to punishment, exploitation, prostitution, and you can unlawful products.

step 3. Blocked Acts. – It are going to be unlawful when it comes to person, if absolute or juridical, to to go, myself or ultimately, the pursuing the acts;

(a) Participate in any business otherwise scheme for the money, money, matter, economic or any other said that has for the objective the brand new coordinating otherwise offering out of good Filipino to a foreign federal to own relationship or common-law relationship toward a post-order foundation or using personal inclusion, email, or websites on the internet;

(b) Showcase, highlight, upload, print, or spreading, or result in the exhibition, advertisement, guide, printing, or distribution regarding pamphlets, leaflets, or propaganda material which are determined to promote the brand new banned serves on before paragraph, or even post, highlight, otherwise upload such as content compliment of websites on the internet;

(c) Obtain, enroll, or even in any styles, attract otherwise create people Filipino to be a part in almost any bar or association whoever purpose is to match Filipino nationals in order to foreign nationals for the purpose of relationship or common law connection having a charge; and you will

(d) To use the fresh new postal provider or any webpages on line to advertise brand new blocked serves lower than it area.

cuatro. Punishment. – Any individual found guilty by legal getting the amount of time people of the banned acts considering under Part step three of Act should sustain the latest punishment from imprisonment for fifteen (15) decades and you can an excellent out-of no less than 500 thousand pesos (P500,) yet not one or more mil pesos (P1,000,).

Anybody which shall abet or work regarding the performance regarding new blocked acts stated within the Part step three regarding the Work, by the past otherwise multiple acts, will sustain an equivalent penalty offered regarding the preceding paragraph.

In case your prohibited operate is the time of the an excellent syndicate or the time on the a large level, the new offender shall endure the newest punishment out-of twenty (20) many years imprisonment and you can an excellent out-of not less than a couple billion pesos (P2,000,) yet not over five mil pesos (P5,000,).

The banned act can be considered committed because of the good syndicate if the sent out-by several around three (3) or more persons conspiring or confederating together.

This new banned work can be considered the time to the a big scale in the event the the full time against three (3) or higher people, actually or as a team.

The above mentioned despite, genuine relationship websites, having due to their mission connecting those with mutual welfare inside buy growing personal and relationship matchmaking, commonly included in this Work

Anyone who may have knowledge of this new commission of your unlawful serves and you will earnings from it, support the brand new offender to benefit from it, with out took part therein, often just like the a main or due to the fact an enthusiastic accomplice, will likely be penalized just like the an equipment for the offense the full time and you may will sustain the latest penalty regarding ten (10) ages imprisonment and you can an excellent out of for around a hundred thousand pesos (P100,) however more than five-hundred thousand pesos (P500,).

If for example the culprit are a foreigner, brand new culprit will be immediately deported immediately following offering the newest phrase and you can fee out-of fine and you can would be banned permanently away from going into the nation.


If for example the offender is an agency, partnership, association, club, place, otherwise any juridical person, the new punishment shall be implemented upon the particular owner, president, spouse, movie director, otherwise any responsible manager which participated in the new percentage of your blocked serves or who should has actually knowingly let otherwise failed to end their payment.

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